Free Download Windows 8 Skin Pack For Windows XP

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For those of you who are searching for Windows 8 Skin Pack for your Windows XP operating system, in today’s post I am giving you the download link.

As you can see from the picture above, the skin is so much appealing, compared with that available under the XP alone.  They are formed in Tiles, which make it user friendly and easier to locate applications and icons.

Features that you can find in this skin are:

  • the new windows 8 theme
  • add sbar with windows 8 taskbar skin
  • add vse7 with windows 8 start menu skin
  • add styler with windows 8 explorer ribbon toolbar
  • add new windows 8 skin for borderskin
  • fix bugs and problems

So as you can see from the above list, the features are so tempting to be installed on you desktop or laptop.  So, here is the download link for you to grab it:

Hope you enjoy and please stay around for the next post.

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